Why is my dryer squeaking? [Explained In Detail]

Why is my dryer squeaking

You don’t want to hear unusual sounds coming from your home appliances, isn’t it? The squeaking sound from a cloth dryer is one such annoyance you need to stop by hook or crook. Have you ever wondered why is my dryer squeaking? If so, this is where you will find answers to your query. Let’s get started.

Why is my dryer squeaking? Probable causes

Usually, a dryer should work silently as far as it is in good condition. Although we want everything to sail smoothly in life, it doesn’t happen the way we want, and it’s the same with your dryer. Here are the probable causes why your dryer is screeching.

Belt of the dryer

A dryer has lots of moving parts, and the belt is one such component that works every time you use the dryer. When it gets loose, obviously, there would be unusual sounds. If this is the case with you, more often than not, you will have to consider a replacement.

Glide bearing

Similar to the belt, the tub of the dryer also works constantly when it is in use. The glide bearings are placed on the edge of the tub. In addition, these bearings are made of plastic or fabrics, and if you figure out the squeaking sound is coming from the bearing, you will have to replace them with new ones.

Blower fan

As we said, a dryer does have a handful of moving parts, and in order to keep the components cool during the operation, there has to be a method to facilitate enough ventilation. That is when the blower fan comes to the play, and it has the tendency of collecting debris over time. Cleaning a dirty blower fan isn’t the hardest, as you can simply execute the task by removing the front panel of your dryer.

That said, if it is overly clogged or damaged, the next option you have is to buy a new fan to replace the problematic one.

Idler Pulley

This is the part that connects the belt and motor of the dryer, which suggests that this is another frequently moving part. When the idler pulley is loose or carries damages, inevitably, there will be abnormal noises. If you think why is my dryer squeaking, probably idler pulley is the culprit here.

As you now know the reasons for a noisy dryer, let’s focus on more sides of this issue.

Is it safe to use a noisy dryer?

If you are worried about a fire or something similar catastrophe, a squeaky dryer won’t bring you such problems in most situations. We would say it is not that dangerous, but ideally, you shouldn’t be using it over and over again if you sense something is wrong with your dryer. However, it must be mentioned that you are bound to face annoying times when dealing with such a dryer.

Moreover, it is essential for you to understand that one or a few parts of your dryer are malfunctioning. If you ignore this situation and keep using it for a considerable period of time, the situation can move from bad to worse and might end up with an unrecoverable machine.

How much does it cost to repair a noisy dryer?

Obviously, this is the next question most people get. The repair cost purely depends on the gravity of the issue. Even though we are not in a position to advise you on an exact price, we would say it is around $100-$500 margin.

In addition, the price of replacements also can vary depending on the dyer brand. All in all, it would cost you a considerable amount of money, and that is why you should take immediate action when you hear unusual sounds in your dryer. Remember, prevention is always better than cure.

How long does a dryer last?

You should be able to use a dryer at least for eight years without much problem; having said that, it all comes to the quality of your product and how you take care of it. Moreover, you cannot expect a cheap product to last the years we explained, and we would suggest it would be a good investment if you afford additional bucks to own a high-quality dryer rather than opting for a cheap product.

What does a bad dryer bearing sound like?

The squealing sound is the major indication of a faulty dryer bearing. If you notice the sound is dispensing from the back or lower part of the dryer, most probably, it is due to malfunctions of bearings. Furthermore, since there are constantly moving at one speed, the squealing sound should be more or less rhythmic.

Is it worth fixing a squealing dryer?

It depends on two factors. The first is you have to think about the age of your machine. If it is less than three or four years, yes, the squeeze is worth the juice. Also, have a look at the price tag of the repair. If it goes above $400-$500, there is no point in opting for a repair. We guess you can get the point we elaborate on here.

How often should you service a dryer?

We would recommend you service your dryer at least once a year to keep it in good shape. By doing this, you have the opportunity to keep loads of unwanted issues at bay. Also, it allows you to get to know about the wearing parts before you face severe issues. However, if you and your family use the dryer every day of the week, it would be best if you let a professional inspect your machine every six months.


So, please let us know your answers as to why is my dryer squeaking? We think now you know all the probable causes as well as a good amount of must-know points about a faulty dryer. If you have further questions, please let us know in the comment section. Have a great day!

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