Samsung Refrigerator Not Making Ice [SOLVED]

Samsung refrigerator not making ice

Samsung refrigerators are solid, and they perform the job we anticipate for a considerable period of time without causing major issues. However, at the end of the day, they are machines and bound to wear down with time. When your Samsung refrigerator not making ice, it doesn’t necessarily suggest that you have to dump it for a new one. There are a bucketful of troubleshooting methods you can execute on your own, even if you are not the most technical person in the world. Today’s article is all about this topic. Let’s dive in. 

So, why is Samsung refrigerator not making ice?

There can be several factors contributing to this annoying problem, but as we said, fixing the issue isn’t the hardest given there is no significant damage happened to the fridge. Here we have compiled a list of remedies that you can implement without much of a fuss to get it back to the normal working state. 

Check on the ice maker switch

Neglecting the simplest of elements can drag the issue to an un-coverable condition. So, it is imperative to start the troubleshooting by verifying whether the ice maker switch is turned off. Perhaps your Samsung refrigerator is not making ice because you have accidentally turned it off. If this is the case, you have to press and hold the button for around three seconds in order to turn it on. Then check on the issue; if it remains the same, move on to the next step.

The water pressure of the Samsung fridge

Regardless of the brand of refrigerator you use, ice makers demand specific water pressure to produce ice for your requirements. If the water pressure is insufficient, you are requesting an impossible task from the ice maker. Checking the water pressure can be done in many ways, but this is the most straightforward method you can consider if you are dealing with the issue on your own. 

First, take a measuring cup and let the refrigerator dispense water into the cup for ten seconds. If the cup doesn’t fill more than ¾, it is an indication that your fridge is not having adequate water pressure to make ice. 

The water pressure of a refrigerator has a direct connection with the filter. However, you don’t need to come to a conclusion that it requires a fresh filter, but a simple cleaning can help you rectify the error of “Samsung refrigerator not making ice.” We recommend you to see for clogs at least once every six months to keep this issue at bay, or you could end up having to replace the filter of the fridge, 

Issues in the water line

If your Samsung refrigerator not making ice, you better look at whether the waterline of the ice maker is frozen or not. The residual water in the water line can play the spoil game here, and when that happens, you might experience the ice it produces not in ideal shape or significantly smaller compared to normal size. 

In this situation, you will have to clear the frozen line by melting the ice. The easiest method of doing this is using warm water after unplugging the refrigerator from the power source. Else, there is nothing wrong with aiming a hairdryer at the line. Keep in mind that the fridge should be disconnected, and the valves must be turned off before you do anything to the ice maker line. 

Reset the Samsung ice maker

If you are still facing the issue without a positive outcome, this is the last step you have in your armory to fix the matter. By trying this step, you can figure out whether the problem you are facing is to do with the ice maker or the refrigerator carries something else that requires the knowledge of a professional. Nevertheless, resetting a Samsung ice maker is not rocket science, and here is how you want to do it.

Before we elaborate on the process, we want to emphasize that you refer to the user manual of your Samsung refrigerator to identify the test button on the fridge. Usually, you will have to take out the ice bucket in order to access the said button.

Once you locate it, press and hold the button until you come across a chiming sound. Then, the refrigerator should start to produce ice, and another beep sound will go off, indicating the test is done and dusted. 

However, if you notice no such sound or any error messages on display, it says the troubleshooting is beyond your reach; unfortunately, it’s time to seek professional assistance from here onwards.


Before we say adios, let us answer a couple of frequently asked questions about “Samsung refrigerator not making ice.”

Why did my Samsung refrigerator stop making ice?

The most probable reason for this issue is the low water pressure, and it takes place because of a clogged water filter. So, make sure the filter is clean all the time to prevent the problem from happening with you. Regular cleaning of the filter is super important. Also, be mindful of facilitating clean water to the fridge that contains little to no mineral deposits.

Does a Samsung refrigerator have a reset button?

Most Samsung fridges do have a reset button, and usually, you can see it inside the fridge. If you find it difficult to locate the reset button (it should be near the ice bucket or control panel), please refer to the user manual of your machine. 

How long does it take for Samsung fridge to make ice?

Even though the time tends to fluctuate from one fridge to another, it should not take more than 6-12 hours to produce ice. If you are using it for the first time or working with your fridge after a long time, make sure you throw away at least 30-40 cubes. It will help you receive ice cubes that are from clean water.

Samsung refrigerator not making ice – Final verdict

Guys, we hope now you know why your Samsung refrigerator is not making ice. Also, what you have to do to make it work again. If you have anything unclear about the points we discussed, please use the comment section to reach us; we will respond to you within a jiffy. Have a great day!


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