How To Store Champagne Properly For Future Use? Best Guide

How To Store Champagne

Champagne may not last forever, and champagne may last only for a few months to a few years. This depends on your champagne type. Most champagnes bought from the store are fully prepared and therefore don’t require storage for a long time, but there are also certain exceptions. How to store champagne is a common question for anyone who is buying champagne.

So, How to Store Champagne?

Are you seeking such great champagne storage ideas for your home? Whether the bottle has been open or otherwise, here are some simple recommendations and answers for some frequently asked questions regarding preserving iconic & joyful champagne.

Champagne requires precise temperature, light exposure, and humidity. Therefore, the procedures below would assist you in guaranteeing that your champagne is good to drink. Also, has the most delicate taste, especially when it comes from out of storage!

How To Store Champagne For A Short Time?

If you’re storing your champagne only for a short time, hold your champagne upright. Champagnes only could be stored for one month or less than one month if the champagnes are held upright.

Because the angle of the liquid prevents the cork from completely dehydrating, several wines must be kept on their sides. On the other hand, champagne has bubbles that keep the bottle moist. Whereas the bottle could be stored on its sides, the cork will not dry out when it is held upright.

How To Store Champagne For An Extended Period?

Hold them horizontally if you want to store champagne for an extended period. Storing champagnes in this shape would keep champagne forever. Champagne bottles, just like most wines, will dry out when the bottle is stored upright over extended periods, and when the cork dries out, it can no longer appropriately seal the container.

As you can conserve room by storing bottles upright for a short time when you intend to keep the champagne for an extended period, place it horizontally on the racks or shelves.

Does Sunlight Affect Champagne?

All types of wines and champagne are very reactive to sunlight, so the champagne cover is dark-colored; why should your champagne be stored in a darkened room away from direct sunlight. You should choose a room that doesn’t have a window, such as inside a cellar or perhaps a pantry, or cover windows using thicker drapes to block the sun out of your champagne.

A – Light that is artificial will age champagne before maturing, so ensure that any artificial lights in the storage area are turned off for much of the duration.

B – If there is no windowless room, thick curtains, or cabinetry, a thin black tablecloth could be used to cover up the champagne bottle.

What Is The Ideal Temperature For Champagne?

The champagne bottle should be stored in a room with a cold temperature. The other factor which would control the aging of champagne is temperature. When you have the question of how to store champagne, the main factor you have to consider is to hold the champagne at a freezing temperature.

For a minimum of one week but no more than a month, your fridge could be used as a storage capacity. The best temperature for long-term champagne preservation is 52 degrees Fahrenheit (11 degrees Celsius); although any temperature within 48 degrees Fahrenheit (9 degrees Celsius) and 53 degrees Fahrenheit (12 degrees Celsius) would suffice.

Because basements are inherently extraordinarily dark and also cool, these are ideal for long-term preservation.

  • The freezer is not a good location to keep things! If you leave it over there, the champagne would rapidly flatten and become unsafe to drink.
  • When you don’t have access to a basement, get a wine fridge & store it in a darkish, cool spot, such as a pantry or a small room with few windows.
  • The temperature of your storage space might be controlled by using an instrument to cool it.
  • A fridge is not the ideal option for the long-term preservation of champagne. because champagne requires cooler temperatures to keep it fresh than champagne. Champagne may be stored in the refrigerator for a month, but not for months or years.

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What Is the Importance of Maintaining Consistent Temperature for Champagne?

The temperature of the storage place should be maintained constantly. When thinking about how to store champagne, we learned that we should store it at a cool temperature. But another critical factor is to maintain a constant temperature; this factor is significant to reserve the champagne without aging.

So when temperatures fluctuate dramatically, the champagne swells and compress, perhaps causing seepage.

  • Keeping the temperatures of the storage area consistent might be as simple as using a portable air conditioner and regulating everything according to the seasons.
  • In particular, insulating drapes and LED light bulbs and blowers to enhance airflow can help us keep a house cooled.
  • In addition to the straightforward approach of modifying the residential heating systems appropriately, anyone may warm up a space as during colder seasons by keeping radiators clear and covering drafty windows.
  • That’s why champagne should not be stored inside sheds or garages. The champagne will not last if the humidity swings far too much. It is much preferable to have a space within your house.

Tips For Storing Champagne Properly

Another important thing when it comes to answering how to store champagne is to find a storage area where there is no smell or vibrations.

Vibrations could shake up a bottle of champagne in the storage chamber. Keep your champagne on such a level, smooth surface away from dishwashers, dryers, and other typical home devices that might generate vibrations.

Strong odors should also be kept away from champagne; since they will be absorbed over time and interfere with wine taste.

Keeping champagne inside the refrigerator is just a temporary option; as too much time in the fridge will change the wine’s flavor.


How to store champagne is a common question. The above points that we discussed on how to store champagne explain holding champagne more conveniently for the short term or also for a long term period of time. Temperature, smell, dark place, and vibrations are the critical factors in keeping champagne. By maintaining these factors, champagne could be stored more precisely.




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