How To Remove Stopper From Bathroom Sink?

How To Remove Stopper From Bathroom Sink

The experience of a clogged sink is one that most people have had. When you realize the water isn’t draining as quickly as it used to, It may either be a blockage or your clogged sink stopper. When the water won’t go away and things get nasty, no one enjoys it. While calling a professional plumber can swiftly resolve this issue, homeowners who understand “How To Remove Stopper From Bathroom Sink” can save a lot of money by doing it.

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The Tools You’ll Need to Remove a Bathroom Sink Stopper

It would be best to gather the necessary equipment before learning how to remove a bathroom sink stopper.

Note: Some stoppers may be removed by hand, with no additional equipment or procedures required.

You’ll Require:
  • Flashlight– If you need a light source to lighten up the area beneath the sink, a standard hand-held flashlight may be helpful.
  • Wrench or pliers – If the bathroom sink stopper is too tight to open with your hands, you may require a wrench or pliers.
  • Bucket — If there are any drips from the sink while removing the bolt, the bucket will come in useful. 

Depending on the sink stopper design, different tools are required. As a result, before purchasing the necessary equipment and supplies from a hardware shop, start by determining the kind of sink stopper you have.

You’ll Also Need The Following Items To Clean The Sink Stopper:
  • Brush– This isn’t required to remove the sink stopper, but it may come in handy if you wish to clean it (e.g., old toothbrush).
  • Detergents – while cleaning the sink stopper, a cleaning detergent comes in handy.
  • Vinegar – Cleaning the stopper with vinegar is an option, but it isn’t needed if you don’t have any on hand.
  • Drain cleaner solution – These cleaning solutions are required when the stopper and its components have got removed. It is an appropriate moment to clean the drainage line before reassembling everything.

How To Remove Stopper From Bathroom Sink

To give yourself plenty of operating areas, clear anything from beneath the sink before beginning this job. It’s possible that lying on your back with your head facing the rear of the sink cabinet will be the most comfortable. After you’ve gathered all of your tools, let’s get started on procedures for How To Remove Stopper From Bathroom Sink.

  • Remove the stopper using Your Hands

Check to check if the bathroom sink stopper can be removed by hand, as previously suggested. Some sink stoppers can get manually removed. If you don’t have to, why get your tools dirty if you don’t have to?

Don’t try pulling on the stopper too forcefully. It may only end up damaging it.

  • Find The plunger rod

Put your head beneath the sink with your flashlight. See if you can find The plunger rod. The horizontal pivot rod is held in place by the locking nut. A clip should be present, through which the rod will pass, holding another rod that will run back to the drain.

Attempt to remove it by hand. If the nut is too tight, carefully turn it free with pliers or hold it in place while twisting the stopper away from the pivot rod. It’s a good idea to put a pail under the sink at this stage to gather any liquid that leaks out as you remove this nut.

  • Remove Stopper

Remove the pivot rod and stopper. If your sink is clogged, the plug will likely get covered with gunk. Let’s learn how to clean a sink stopper.

Now that you know How To Remove Stopper From Bathroom Sink, it’s time to clean it. All you’ve done so far will be enough to get the bathroom drain stopper to come loose. You should be able to remove it without difficulty.

What Is The Best Way To Clean A Bathroom Sink Stopper?

Use this chance to clean the debris out of the sinkhole before reinstalling the stopper. When your sink doesn’t drain, the most typical causes are hair and gunk. This procedure also provides an excellent opportunity to clean the drainpipe properly. Remove as much of the muck as you can by hand, then clean the area with a soft brush.

Drain cleaners should also get used. Pour the product into the container and soak it for 10 min before flushing it with hot water. Clean the drain with a vinegar mixture and hot water as well. You have most likely cleaned the pipes at this point.

How to Reassemble Everything in the Sink Drain

After you’ve cleaned everything up and cleared the drain, it’s time to put things back together again, so reverse the procedures.

To begin, replace the stopper in the sink. Then tighten the nut from beneath the sink. If required, use pliers or a spanner. The plunger rod should then get reattached to the pivot nut and the metal strap using the spring clip. Once everything is in place, check to verify if the bathroom sink works correctly. If dirty water spilt, the last step would be to wipe the floor beneath the sink.

In some situations, you may detect leakage, especially if the stopper does not return to its normal position; This can also happen if it gets clogged with hair or dirt.

Bottom Line

You won’t have to spend money on such a tedious chore if you know how to remove a bathroom sink stopper. This simple procedure not only saves money but also adds to your DIY abilities.

If the sink blockage persists after removing the bathroom sink stopper, double-check the clip and nut that are part of the sink stopper mechanism to ensure everything is in working order. If this does not resolve the issue, you may be in for more problems than you anticipated. Consider contacting a professional plumber for help in such instances.

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