How to Keep Lizards Away From Porch – Best Home Remedies

How to keep lizards away from porch

Even while lizards are not dangerous, they could be an annoyance if they congregate on your porch. While it may seem absurd, the appearance of a lizard on the doorstep may sometimes be frightening. Also, considering their unthreatening nature, many individuals loathe lizards, particularly when forced to rest close to them on their preferred patio. It is why one needs to Comprehend, How To Keep Lizards Away From Porch to spend your leisure time having fun and relaxing.

Well, there are several methods for getting rid of lizards and keeping them away from your patio. Read more about the techniques for protecting your patio from these pesky creatures.

Lizards like light, so they typically get drawn to the entrance. Likewise, they will make their way inside a home due to lighting. You can keep lizards away from your patio by switching off the outdoor lights before going to bed.

They also like gloomy and moist environments, including cellars, storage rooms, lavatories, and washbasins. Consequently, it’s critical to maintain these areas tidy and dry to reduce the likelihood of lizards nestling there.

Additionally, practicing good cleanliness in your house can minimize the number of bugs, which are the primary food supply for reptiles. Let’s look at how to keep lizards away from porch 

How to keep lizards away from porch?

If you are terrified of or detest lizards, you should hold them back from the doorstep and ideally out of view. Even those who adore reptiles hate dealing with the muck they left there as they’ve been around the patio.

Some folks would be Ok having them on the doorstep if the balcony wasn’t an entrance to the home. We investigated many humane strategies for keeping these bothersome lizards away from your balcony without injuring them.

Eliminate All Water Sources

We often put water basins outside the entrance so that our dogs may sip water anytime they want. There’s nothing problematic with this premise; however, reptiles may be drawn to water supplies even since they could live for extended periods without drinking. They will not pass up the chance if they run into water supplies.

To keep lizards away, don’t leave pet bowls on your patio if rain is frequently falling on your doorstep; attempt to deflect it off from it. You’ll also have to wipe your downspouts and ensure the sewage system distributes rainwater away from the patio.


Garlic is another effective reptile repellent, and it’s an all-natural treatment that will keep lizards off your patio. If you’ve seen reptiles in your entrance, chop little garlic and employ it to impede them.

You will, though, need to cope with the unpleasant odor that follows with a sliced garlic spike. It may be hard to rest on the terrace with that type of stench, but the smell will fade with time.


Because tobacco is an addicting narcotic, most individuals resist utilizing it as a reptile repellant. It’s harmful to reptiles, and you’d never like your animals to become entangled with nicotine, too. While consuming tobacco isn’t usually a wise decision, it’s worth noting since it will destroy the lizard species.

If you do not want to use tobacco, you might try alternative techniques first. If you aren’t a habitual smoker, you should attempt a few cures first before investing in this. However, if you smoke cigarettes, you may discover this to be more cost-effective, albeit it doesn’t get advised.

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Lizards will be discouraged from approaching your porch if you scatter eggshells surrounding it. So how on earth is this feasible? Why’d shells keep reptiles away from your patio? Shattered eggshells appear to alarm reptiles, and they associate this visual with attackers.

This approach is simple since you have to split the eggs in half and scatter the shattered shells over your entrance. Lizards would want to stay distant from the terrace if they ran into these cracked shells. You may also take benefit of evolved features. It is presumably the most practical method for keeping reptiles off your doorstep.


Now you’ve investigated a few of the immediate solutions for How To Keep Lizards Away From Porch and your doorstep. It’s imperative to dissuade them from returning. You must be aware that reptiles are sensitive to strong odors, including those produced by onions and ginger.

To keep the reptiles off from your doorstep, chop some onions and place them surrounding it. However, it is not a practical solution; it may help keep pests away. And don’t stress about the odor; it will fade over time, keeping your entrance feeling pleasant.


You can manufacture your reptile repellent by making your DIY pepper mist. Simmer spicy peppers in liquid for 15 mins to produce this mixture. It doesn’t concern how much pepper you use as far as you simmer it for twenty mins with a good number of peppers.

After you’ve made your pepper spritz, filter it, place it in a sprinkling bottle, and create a boundary surrounding locations where you don’t like lizards.

Peacock Plumes

Peacock plumes function similarly to eggshells. Lizards flee places where they see plumes since peacocks are inherent adversaries. Peacock plumes have a patch resembling an eyelid and efficiently frighten away bothersome reptiles.

Place peacock plumes on your doorstep where lizards get commonly seen to employ this strategy. This approach is more visually appealing than the eggshell approach and will not draw bugs.

Bottom Line

Lizards, like every invader, maybe aggravating, particularly if they overrun your porch. You have to eliminate them as immediately as you notice them and you may quickly get rid of reptiles by using the techniques given above. You need to experiment with all strategies and find which ones function effectively.

Rather than dealing with lizard infestations regularly, address bug populations and use treatments to prevent lizards out of your house by securing food leftovers and water supplies.


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