How To Factory Reset Google Home? [2022 TUTORIAL]

How To Factory Reset Google Home

Smart speakers from Google Home include the original Google Home and the Google Home Hub, Google Mini, and others. Devices like Nest thermostats are part of the series sold under the Google Nest brand. Aside from answering questions, Google Home can also help you keep track of your schedule, deliver weather forecasts, and so much more. If you’re considering replacing your Home Mini with one of Google’s more prominent smart speakers or screens or with a different brand completely, You’ll want to know How To Factory Reset Google Home before you start trading it in.

Google Home Limitations

A two-inch speaker and some computer gear in the original Google Home device’s packaging appear like an air freshener. To connect to the internet, it makes use of your home or office’s Wi-Fi network. The Amazon Echo was the initial target market for Google Home.

It got built on Google Assistant rather than Amazon’s Alexa virtual assistant, although it has similar capabilities and talents. Google Assistant and the original Google Home smart speaker are available on many Google Home devices.

Google Home is limited in what it can accomplish if it got not connected to the internet. You can stream local media as a wireless speaker. However, most of its valuable features need an internet connection to work. If you don’t plan on using Google Home to connect to the internet, you might be able to find a better wireless speaker for less money.

The Google Assistant is only available after you’ve made the connection between your Google Home and the internet. You say “OK Google” or “Hey Google.” Then, converse with it similarly to how you speak with a real-life human. You may ask things like, “What’s the weather like today?” using this system’s natural language interface. for example, “Play my morning Spotify playlist.” If you get not convinced to chat to a speaker, Google Home has an Android and iOS app that allows you to set up and control your Google Home speakers remotely

Can We Reset Google Nest?

You can’t factory reset the Google Nest Hub using the app or voice commands, but it’s all okay. Press and hold both volume buttons on the right side of the screen for 10 seconds with two fingers to reset your display.

That’s all there is to it. Finally, the gadget will reset itself, and you get done. It is essential to know about the device because that will help resolve the problems with its daily usage and when you are going in for a trade. Are you still wondering how to factory reset Google Home? The guide below will clear all your confusion in one go!

How To Factory Reset Google Home?

Different techniques should get used to answer how to factory reset Google Home. For Google Home, there is not a separate “factory reset” button, and instead, the Microphone Mute button on the back of the device gets used for this. Similarly to the Home Mini, press and hold the power button for 12 to 15 seconds.

Once the assistant confirms that the device has reset, you may release the button. In addition to the standard full-size Google Home, a smaller and more compact version is the Home Mini. It is excellent for individuals who want to take a portable speaker with them everywhere they go without taking up a lot of room.

Regardless of your model, there are methods to get it back to like-new condition. A hard reset is the most common option. The speaker may be returned to its factory-new state using this procedure. But be aware, it deletes all of the data on the device. And there is no way to retrieve it back if you choose to do so.

Regardless of its previous paired, Google Home must be set up and linked with any smart home automation device. It’s also vital to fix thermostats, outlets, switches, and lights. There is a need to fix things, and Google Home will help take care of such problems in the right way.

To do so, you must hold down the microphone button on the back of Google Home for around 15 seconds; without speaking, using the assistant, or doing any other activity with the device to revert to factory settings on the Google Home version. The voice assistant will utter a few phrases to confirm the action.

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If you’re having problems with your device because of a setup error, a hard reset should be enough to repair it. A hardware component may get blamed if it doesn’t solve the problem. It’s not easy for these “devices” to break down, but if they do, it’s advisable to take them to an authorized expert for the necessary repairs.

If the issue is irreparable and the reason is not due to misuse, you may request a new one from a Google shop; as long as the warranty has not expired. Because of its simplicity of use and ability to do everyday chores has become a popular gadget.

Currently, many people are making use of Google Home’s many functionalities in both of its displays. However, it is crucial to realize that extended usage may lead to speaker failure. If so, you will require to fix it to prevent hiring a repairer. It is necessary to avoid the costs.


It means that factory resetting Google Home will help resolve any problems. Google Home is a Bluetooth speaker that carries the Google name and gets sold by Google. In addition to controlling the lights in a room, this gadget can also do Internet searches, shut the curtains, and make phone calls.  It is crucial to reset the Google Home to remove the data from the device. Also, it comes in handy on many occasions.


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