How To Clean Concrete Floor In Basement – It’s Easy With These

How To Clean Concrete Floor In Basement

This article is all about how to clean concrete floor in basement. Basements provide additional living rooms in your house. Still, several individuals avoid them owing to unclean concrete flooring and moldy odors. You should clean the concrete flooring in your cellar when undertaking home renovation chores.

Concrete is a common material that people use in the basement and parking flooring. It is infamous for gathering grease stains, rusty smudges, and filth. Although dehumidifiers help minimize humidity accumulation, which may lead to mold growth, these flooring will still have to get cleaned on a routine basis.

Wiping down the concrete flooring with a solvent or other efficient cleaning procedure will help remove difficult spots and restore the surface to its former state. In this post, we will address many suggestions on how to clean a concrete floor in a basement.

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Washing your concrete cellar floors not only removes spots and foul odors but also gives you a previously unnoticed area in your house. The cleaner solutions below will teach you how to rejuvenate that floor if it requires essential maintenance or a thorough cleanup.

Cleaning the floors is frequently sufficient to remove the stink that permeates the room. Before turning to alternative remedies, try scrubbing the floor to remove odors. Before wet-cleaning cement cellar floors, thoroughly clean them to eliminate typical grime and residues. Let’s look at how to clean concrete floor in basement.

How To Clean Concrete Floor In Basement?

Begin by removing stuff from the cellar floors, including containers, furnishings, and similar belongings, before washing a concrete floor. To prepare the foundation for washing, utilize a hoover or a sweep shovel to sweep away debris and grit. Start from one corner of the floor and make your progress toward the other till all dust gets removed.

Phosphate Trisodium

This technique demonstrates how to clean concrete cellar floors utilizing trisodium phosphate, purchased at any home renovation shop. TSP is an artificial acidic chemical that highly dissolves in water and effectively cleans up.

Splash the concrete flooring with liquid if your cellar has drainage. To dislodge filth and grease, scrape the floor with a stiff brush. Utilizing the nozzle, wash the area one more.

Mix 4 liter of tepid water and six tbsp of TSP in a container. Pour the mixture straight over the soiled sections of the cellar flooring and scrape with the stiff brush to remove the spots. Wash the flooring with clean water from the nozzle.

TSP may also get used to cleaning the cellar surface after removing old carpeting. This combination will yield carpeting adhesive and grout. Allow nearly an hour for the epoxy to dry. Wash as normal after scraping away the bond with a keen edge.


You may manufacture your cement remover utilizing ammonia to eliminate difficult marks. Ammonia is a moderate foundation that dissolves oils and dirt effectively. Check to see whether the basement has enough airflow.

Combine one-quarter cup ammonia, several sprays of dish soap, and water in a container. Scrape the cleanup product onto the cement floor using nylon scrubbing brushes with solid filaments. Apply the cleanup product straight onto the flooring spots if your cellar has in-built drainage.

How to Eliminate Stains on Concrete Floors?

Learn how to remove rusty marks from concrete using the most basic ways. The rusty spot solution is particularly unusual. It does not need household cleaners or fluids to eliminate corrosion from a concrete surface.

Dry cement must get applied to the rust-stained region. To massage the dried cement, utilize a small chunk of paving stones. Rubbing the mortar and slab removes the discoloration in the same way as sandpaper does. Paver stones are a popular choice for terrace pavers and you can see them at any house renovation shop.

Basement Cleaner

Mold and fungi are often a result of the accumulation of humidity in a space. Use a dehumidifier in the cellar to keep dampness away. Suppose you’ve recently seen signs of fungi development in the basement.

In that case, this cellar floor remover effectively eliminates fungus and mold from solid. Before removing fungus from the cellar, ensure the space is well vented by using a doorway or starting a fan.

Wear old clothing and, if necessary, a mask. Spray the unclean portions of the room with the four tablespoons of bleaching and liquid mixture in a spray bottle. Rub the bleach mixture into the filth with a stiff-bristled scrubbing brush, sweep away leftovers with a brush, and clean liquid after you clean the floor.

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Baking Soda

This solution for, How To Clean Concrete Floor In Basement eliminates concrete spots while gentle on sealing or bare concrete surfaces. The formula calls for a mix of sodium bicarbonate and dishwashing soap.

Put a gallon of heated water into an enormous container, stir in half cup sodium bicarbonate, and 2 tbsp dishwashing. Scrape the unclean concrete with the scrubbing brush. Wash the floor thoroughly with fresh water after you clean it.

Hydrochloric acid

If you want to refinish the concrete flooring in your cellar, you must first prepare it with hydrochloric acid. The paints will not adhere to the pavement effectively unless it is roughened up with acid beforehand.

Begin by wet-mopping the floor and letting it thoroughly dry. Before you proceed, be confident that the cellar has enough airflow. Put on work gloves, glasses, and a mask for your protection.

Combine 18-liter water and 5 liters of acid in a container. Scrape the whole floor area with the mixture using the brushes. Wipe the surface a minimum of two times, afterward scrubbing with a clean sponge and clean liquid to eliminate any leftover.

Bottom Line

So, a well-maintained concrete surface can get coated to offer you additional space to occupy in your residence each day. Maintaining concrete floors is simple if you have the correct cleaning products.


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