How To Choose Roof Color For A Red Brick House? – Know Here

How To Choose Roof Color For Red Brick House

Understanding the various color pigments of a home’s brick and stone components is crucial for choosing the correct roofing colors. While it may appear to be an odd issue to pose, it is one that many homeowners and builders have had to confront. They come up with questions like how to choose roof color for a red brick house? Should they go for matching or not?

Your home’s outside is just as significant as what’s inside. After all, this is the first thing that visitors or passers-by will see when they come to your property. We’ll make some ideas so that your roof matches your red brick exterior.

Red Brick House

Red has traditionally been one of the most popular colors for brick home exteriors: it’s a classic and readily available material that can be utilized as an accent or for the whole building. Redbrick houses are stunning, and the traditional style of red brick is elegant, low-maintenance, and incredibly long-lasting.

Nevertheless, in contrast to red brick exteriors, your roof tiles’ color should get considered to compliment your red brick home.

How To Choose Roof Color For Red Brick House

Depending on the design of the house, the roof accounts for around 45% of the façade, so choosing the correct shingle colors is critical. It might have a significant impact on the curb appeal of your house.

As a result, we need to talk about How To Choose Roof Colour With The Red Brick House. Before choosing roof colors, there are a few things to think about

Roofs are a distinguishing feature of each of these house types. As a result, some roof colors are prominent in various house types. Houses with an old-world character look fantastic with earth tone roof colors.

  • A neutral hue will let your red brick exterior stand out and highlight its unique features.
  • Consider the colors as well as the weather in your location. Every location has a distinct weather pattern, and days are substantially hotter or colder in certain regions than in others. Choose a lighter-colored roof, such as brown or grey, if you live in a more desirable environment. These hues will assist in keeping your house cool. Darker shades, such as black, are preferable for homes in colder areas.
  • When it comes to roof shade selections, most neighborhoods with clustered housing have a consistent appearance. Choose if you want your roof to blend in with the surrounding neighborhood or whether you want it to stand out.

Roof Colors For A Red Brick House

Many individuals may not give much thought to the shade of their roof   Frequently; they will be more concerned with the materials they are choosing and the cost.

However, if inappropriate materials or colors get used for a roof, in that case, the value of the property may not increase and may even decrease. Consider a stunning white home with a vivid pink roof.

The owners would most likely have a tough time finding a buyer. Following are some color suggestions when stuck with how to choose roof color for the red brick house.

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Gray is a versatile shade in a temperate climate. It’s practically difficult to go wrong with a red brick grey roof combination in terms of looks. The warm color of the roof complements the red roof tiles.

Gray is a shade that may accent red brick since it is cold, whereas red is warm. The color is not overpowering. It’s also not so black that it absorbs a lot of heat throughout the summer.


Black roof shingles are quietly making a comeback as a stylish way to improve the charm of your red brick property. It is recommended for its excellent heat absorption, which is especially important in a home where keeping the interior warm is challenging.

If you want to update the design components of your outdoor area, black tiles on red brick got initially regarded as traditional or old-fashioned, but they get now considered a strong statement, especially when coupled with black shutters.


Redbrick and brown roofs are a color match made in heaven. Any shade of brown will go well with the warm red brick finish. Dark brown shingles, especially on ranch-style homes, look fantastic with dark red brick.

If your property has a lighter brick façade with white trimmings or columns, light or medium-toned brown roof shingles can brighten it up even more.


A red brick building with a green roof screams stylish and daring. Opt for a dark green roof to make an even more significant impact and leave a lasting impression. Green roofs are available in a wide range of colors.

When coupled with natural red brick, darker tones of green, such as jungle green, give the house a warm vibe. There’s also mint green, which looks great with dark red brick.


On a color wheel, the shades are opposite each other, and the contrast that results from the combo is stunning. A blue roof may be seen from a long distance, making it an ideal hue for a bit of home or a large farmhouse in the country.

How to Choose Roof Color for Red Brick House – Final Verdict

A red brick home is an architectural treasure that serves as an ideal canvas for various roofing colors. When you look at the most popular roofing trends, you’ll see that they always entail material modifications. Still, color is just as essential in certain respects. Spending a little time studying the finest roof color for a red brick exterior can pay off handsomely in the end.

The color of your roof may be a statement piece that defines the entire aesthetic of your home; thus, it is critical to select the proper one. Consider how your home will appear with each color you’re considering before deciding on a roof color. If you’re undecided, consult a roofing expert for recommendations on the best colors to use for aesthetics and energy savings.


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