How Do You Find Your 4 Digit Code On Your Tv – Complete Guide

How Do You Find Your 4 Digit Code On Your Tv

Have you just purchased a universal remote control and cannot locate the four-digit code required to operate it? Don’t be concerned. We’ve been there as well. And, contrary to popular belief, finding the correct code is more straightforward than it appears. When properly coded, it can perform some basic operations of the original remote. Brand-specific TV codes are relatively simple to input. You can even program the TV without using a code! So How Do You Find Your 4 Digit Code On Your Tv?

Continue reading the article to know the straightforward method.

Use of 4 Digit Code On Your Television

When you lose your original remote, configure your universal remote with the 4-digit code that corresponds to the brand of your television. It may do many of the same fundamental functions as the original remote when correctly coded.

Many online instructions will instruct you to input each code manually. However, such a procedure is time-consuming. So How Do You Find Your 4 Digit Code On Your Tv? Here’s our comprehensive guide.

How Do You Find Your 4 Digit Code On Your Tv

Most TVs allow you to establish a four-digit PIN to lock certain of the settings and applications. Here are several methods for locating your TV’s four-digit code.

Using Manufacturte’s Manual

In the User’s Manual for your remote control, look for the code section. The manual’s list of remote control codes varies. Some codes are printed in the book, while others get written on a slip of paper. Find the code and experiment with it to determine the one that corresponds to your TV remote.

Using a Web Search

If you’ve lost your user’s manual, the next best thing to do is check the remote brand and do an Internet search for the brand. You can also go to Settings and then Support to get details.  Your TV’s Model Code, Serial Number, and Software Version will get shown on the screen. To get your TV code, enter your model number online.

Obtaining from Manufacturer

Call your tv manufacturer and request the code.  You can ask the whole list to get emailed to you. However, you must provide the correct model number of your remote to the manufacturer for the code to obtain you. The model number of the remote may get located on the back or in the battery compartment.

Here are some universal TV remote codes for different brands.

TV Brand 4 Digit Remote Codes
Abex 32
Aiwa 701
America Action 180
KENWOOD 0004, 0009
Crown 0180, 0039
SAMSUNG 0105, 0077, 0076
MITSUBISHI 0005, 0151, 0051, 0004
Belcor 19
Chun Yun 0000, 0003, 0009
SHARP 0079, 0123, 0063
TOSHIBA 0159, 0178, 0120
LG 0050, 0005, 0227
Hitachi 1004
Samsung 0019, 0618, 0644
FISHER 0049, 0110, 0268, 0180
Brockwood 19
Denon 0145, 0511
PANASONIC 0171, 0148, 0054
KTV 0053, 0014, 0021, 0042
Blue Star 282
Altice USA 1111, 0821, 0001
SKY 0037, 0282, 0556
ZENITH 0121, 0009, 0091
RCA 0031, 0004, 0100

How Can I Link My Universal Remote To My Television?

Universal remotes get designed to replace your original remote. You can’t change the shows or volume of your TV if you don’t have a remote control programmed into it.   Setting up these remotes is the most challenging aspect, but after you’ve done it, it’s simple to turn things on and off from the comfort of your sofa.

Note: Specific programming choices and processes may differ depending on the brand and type of universal tv remote.

Use User Manual

The most straightforward approach is to get the remote up and running if the user manual is accessible. If you don’t have a physical copy of the handbook, you may probably get it for free online. Google for the remote control’s maker and hunt for a digital version of the guide. The user manual will likely have all details you need.

Use Auto Code Search

If your universal remote includes an auto-scan mechanism, we’ll show you how to program it using this way. This method will allow you to search without knowing the codes for each TV; instead, it will search through the whole set of codes in its database, checking many codes at once. That is why it is critical to get a universal remote with an auto-scan feature. Follow these steps:

  1. Press both the SET and TV1 buttons simultaneously; This will activate the red light on your remote control, indicating that it is into program mode.
  2. When you push the SET button again, the light should begin to flicker, indicating that it is seeking the codes.
  3. Then, repeatedly push the POWER button until the TV shuts off. When the programmed TV shuts off, press the TV1 button to capture the code. The light will cease flashing and turn off, indicating that the remote control has got configured.

Universal Remote Control Not Working [SOLVED]

Now you know How Do You Find Your 4 Digit Code On Your Tv?  But what if your remote control stops working? Ensure sure the batteries are not dead because the remote’s performance may be delayed and glitchy. The rear panel of the remote control should get removed.

In the battery compartment, replace the batteries. Now direction the remote at the television and push the Power button. If the batteries powering the remote control are new, the remote sensor will directly respond.

Also, Remove any infrared obstructions; This might be on the remote or the electrical item, and it could be preventing the universal remote from operating. Don’t be concerned if it does not work the first time. 

Bottom Line

It’s never simple to find the correct TV codes to use with your TV remote. The simplest option is to search online. It is essential to check for brand-specific codes.

The universal remote is not a complete replacement for the TV’s primary remote. Others allow for the entire image, network, sound, and smart television or home control settings, while others only manage core features. All advanced capabilities, however, are available on the original remote. So, before purchasing a universal remote, carefully consider the programming options available.

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